Advantages of stretch hood


Pallets packed with stretch hood means an increased quality of the packaging ! Pallets covered with stretch hoods are waterproof : the hood covers the entire surface of the pallet until down under the pallet. If a LDPE sheet is used to cover the wood of the pallet at the base, then the pallet is even protected from rising damp or humidity !


Horizontal and Vertical tension on the load

With stretch wrapping foil you have only horizontal tension to keep the pallet together, with stretch hoods you have tension in both horizontal and vertical directions, this means that the goods are pressed downwards on to the pallet. Moreover the holding force on the goods is higher than with shrink hoods or stretch wrapping foil.


An optical beautiful packaging

The stretch hood foil has the advantage that it follows narrowly the form of the pallet. This is very important when you work with irregular pallets.


. Also the optical properties from stretch hood film is very good.

The TOPFlex stretch hood film from Plastic Union has an exhaustive transparency and brilliance. Economical packaging Stretch hood technology doesn’t need an oven to be heated. By consequence energy consumption is very low.


This also means increased safety on the workfloor and lower insurance fees due to lower fire risk !

Another interesting point of using stretch hoods are the low maintenance costs of the machine due to less moving parts and less heated parts than other packaging systems ! A natural repulsive packaging Stretch hoods don’t stick to the goods piled on the pallet! With shrink hoods you could be confronted with melted plastic on the shrink foil underneath (example cans in shrinkfoil or plastic bags on pallet packed with a shrink hood).

With stretch hoods this problem cannot occur !


A fast packaging method

Stretch hood technology has the opportunity of being very fast. With one single performant line you can easily pack more dan 180 pallets an hour ! A flexible packaging method


With one foil size you can wrap different sizes of pallets !

Their are certain limitations but with two dimensions you should be able to cover most of the standard pallet, going from half an europallet (60*80 cm) until a double europallet (120*160 cm)


An ecological packaging

Foil consumption is lower with stretch hoods than with shrink hoods. Since stretch hoods are being used thinner and thinner it becomes even more economic as stretch wrapping foil ! Using less materials for a same packaging is also more ecological !

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