This is a well-established and cost effective method of collating cans, bottles, cartons and palletized goods, and also offers the transportation benefit of low weight. In addition, shrink film is suitable for recycling, incineration or landfill.

There is a growing demand for printed shrink films which provide a powerful and cost efficient promotional tool for creating or enhancing a brand image in a competitive marketplace.

Clear or printed PE shrink film, in rolls or bags, for pallet wrapping in different industries, such as ceramics, container glass, bricks, building raw materials, fertilizers and food products

High puncture resistance & excellent shrink-ability

See-through clarity & visible performance

Reduction of freight costs without any need for secondary packaging

Protection of products against dirt, shock & sun radiation with UV stabilization

Anti collant properties

Cases of water bottles and canned goods are commonly wrapped with a polyethylene bundling film. After heat is applied, polyethylene still offers elasticity for puncture resistance, and up to a 20% shrink rate.

In many industries such as food, petrochemical, agriculture, textile, construction, etc., operated related packing activities easily, affordably and at the same time beautiful. Width and thickness of the film will be at the request of the customer and depend on related industry.

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